Thursday, August 28, 2008

Now Obama wears a lapel pin!

I have been amazed at the controversy over who wears a flag pin. Obama has not worn one because he said in April that "it has become a substitute for true patriotism." But, on the evening of his acceptance of the Democratic nomination for president, there he was with a rectangular pin symbolizing patriotism. Jewelry really means much more than adornment! It symbolizes support for a cause, political statements, charity, etc. Everyone should wear pins all the time! I challenge America to wear a pin of your choice, whether it costs $2 or $2000. Jewelry is more than just a accessory!

Susan Eisen, author of Crazy About Jewelry,

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Shadow Two said...

I am a Vietnam vet, and proudly wear a small version of the Combat Infantry Badge. One some other occasions I wear a small enameled Distinguished Service Cross. And I always wear an American flag. I agree, make a statement on your lapel! POWER TO THE LAPEL!!!