Thursday, November 06, 2008

Michelle Obama's jewelry

Wow it was a wild week with the elections. I was pleased to see Michelle Obama's jewelry include multi strand bangle bracelets that looked like silver, and some long dangle earrings, oval shaped with some form of white stone, either cubic zirconia or diamond. It's been a long time since a political woman has worn some long dangly earrings and I hope she continues. Since Oprah Winfrey is a friend of theirs and she is a lover of jewelry like I am, I am sure she will be showing us some fashionable jewelry with her outfits. I love bling bling and writing about it.
Stay turned for more from "Crazy About Jewelry" my book on jewelry and bling. Susan Eisen, Author

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jewelry Appraisal information

I heard today from a customer that they needed to have their large diamond removed for an appraisal. Rarely is this necessary and should be questioned if requested. Most offen a qualified appraiser can determine the weight of a diamond within 5%. Susan Eisen, author of Crazy About Jewelry and creator of Lifetag, medical identification for diabetics.

Monday, September 01, 2008

I feel for the Gustav victims

I sit here in the beautiful sunshine and wonderful mountains of El Paso, Texas, feeling for the people who have to deal with Hurricane Gustav. My heart goes out to them and their families and I hope that their lives and property are spared. Sending positive vibes out hopefully will make their lives better.

Susan Eisen, author of Crazy About Jewelry and

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Now Obama wears a lapel pin!

I have been amazed at the controversy over who wears a flag pin. Obama has not worn one because he said in April that "it has become a substitute for true patriotism." But, on the evening of his acceptance of the Democratic nomination for president, there he was with a rectangular pin symbolizing patriotism. Jewelry really means much more than adornment! It symbolizes support for a cause, political statements, charity, etc. Everyone should wear pins all the time! I challenge America to wear a pin of your choice, whether it costs $2 or $2000. Jewelry is more than just a accessory!

Susan Eisen, author of Crazy About Jewelry,

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Clintons bling!

I watched the presentation last night especially interested in the jewelry Hillary wore. I was stunned by the choice of an orange pantsuit, because if I was making one of the major debuts of my life, something more fabulous would have been my choice. I always opt for simple clothes with jewelry to accent it. You could not even see her necklace or earrings and they blended into her skin. A choker of cultured pearls would have been the perfect accent to her outfit along with pearl studs. With a scoop neck, chokers look the best and even double strands would have made a great impression. And what would be even better, would have been a fabulous brooch that would have shown her class. Let me know what you think. Susan Eisen, author of Crazy About Jewelry

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where is the jewelry on Michelle Obama?

I watched the Michelle Obama speech last night and the main thing I missed was the jewelry. Why do people think that it is taboo to wear jewelry? Jewelry sets the stage for fashion, flair, and design. It does not have to be can be well made, a nice design, and flattering to the person. A tasteful necklace with the collar she had on would have done the trick for me. A call to the presidential candidates and their wives out there..................let's see some more bling!!!
Susan Eisen, author of Crazy About Jewelry

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nothing is impossible!

There are so many repairs we are doing to things that other jewelers told them could not be done. For instance we just lengthened a 14K yellow gold mesh watchband by adding an extension at the end. If you get no for an answer on something you want to do, just email me for a YES! Just look me up at

Friday, March 21, 2008

Different Ways To Propose

  • Bottom of champagne glass
  • Ice sculpture
  • Engraved on a pen
  • Engraved on a jewelry
  • Engraved on glass
  • Hung on a dog collar
  • Hung on a chain with other pendant


  • In an aquarium
  • Top of a ski hill
  • In the desert
  • On an airplane
  • Policeman stops you
  • On a TV commerical
  • Called up to a band
  • In a crowded airport terminal
  • In a decorated hotel room, flowers and wine and candles
  • On a wine bottle label
  • At the movies as a commercial
  • Hiking dropped it what is that shining thing
  • Scavenger hunt in the house
  • At a concert
  • In a grocery store


  • On a billboard
  • Announcer at sporting event, down on knees baseball diamond inning
  • On talk show or radio show
  • Scroll sign on freeway
  • Sign on the side of a bus
  • In the newspaper
  • In a middle of a speech by him or someone else
  • As a prize winner at a charity function
  • At his or her business party
  • Make scrapbook chronologing buying, giving, took on a trip invited family and all showed up there
  • Pinata ring finger with big diamond largest one I could find
  • Cut out the cake, put box in, gave her the piece