Friday, March 21, 2008

Different Ways To Propose

  • Bottom of champagne glass
  • Ice sculpture
  • Engraved on a pen
  • Engraved on a jewelry
  • Engraved on glass
  • Hung on a dog collar
  • Hung on a chain with other pendant


  • In an aquarium
  • Top of a ski hill
  • In the desert
  • On an airplane
  • Policeman stops you
  • On a TV commerical
  • Called up to a band
  • In a crowded airport terminal
  • In a decorated hotel room, flowers and wine and candles
  • On a wine bottle label
  • At the movies as a commercial
  • Hiking dropped it what is that shining thing
  • Scavenger hunt in the house
  • At a concert
  • In a grocery store


  • On a billboard
  • Announcer at sporting event, down on knees baseball diamond inning
  • On talk show or radio show
  • Scroll sign on freeway
  • Sign on the side of a bus
  • In the newspaper
  • In a middle of a speech by him or someone else
  • As a prize winner at a charity function
  • At his or her business party
  • Make scrapbook chronologing buying, giving, took on a trip invited family and all showed up there
  • Pinata ring finger with big diamond largest one I could find
  • Cut out the cake, put box in, gave her the piece