Friday, October 17, 2014

Music Friday: Mary Lambert Rocks Cat Earrings and Pokes Fun at Her Own Insecurities in ‘Secrets’

Welcome to Music Friday when we bring you fun songs with jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the title or lyrics. Today’s featured song is “Secrets” by 25-year-old Grammy nominee Mary Lambert.


In this song about acceptance and self-empowerment, Lambert offers a comical, unfiltered look at her own insecurities, and mentions a favorite piece of jewelry in the first verse.

She sings, “I'm overweight / I'm always late / I've got too many things to say / I rock mom jeans, cat earrings / Extrapolate my feelings.”


The “Secrets” special lyrics video includes a cute, hand-drawn animation of the cat earrings, “Meow.”

“Secrets,” which is currently #14 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart, is the lead single from Lambert’s debut full-length album, Heart on My Sleeve. The album was released this past Tuesday.

Lambert told that “Secrets” was the result of a late-night writing session with the song’s co-producers Eric Rosse and Benny Cassette, and multi-platinum hitmaker MoZella.

"Secrets might be the first fun song I've ever written,” she said. "Like a few songs on the album, [Secrets] was a product of an arsenal of talented writers in one room. I've never co-written before, and this song really showed me what can happen when you are open to sharing your creative space with other people. We wrote this song in one super-fun night.”

She added that “Secrets” is about loving yourself unabashedly. "I felt like there were a lot of songs coming out about self-empowerment and challenging beauty standards,” she said, “and I wanted to write a song along those same lines, but in my voice."

"I believe vulnerability is what will save the world. I wanted to point the lens at myself in hopes of inspiring others to do the same."

The Seattle-based Lambert scored two nominations at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards this past January. She was nominated for Song of the Year (“Same Love”) and Album of the Year (The Heist).

Please check out Lambert’s official “Secrets” video (below) It’s been viewed more than 4.2 million times. We’ve also included the lyrics if you’d like to sing along.

Written Mary Lambert, Eric Rosse, Benny Cassette and MoZella. Performed by Mary Lambert.

I've got bi-polar disorder
My shit's not in order
I'm overweight
I'm always late
I've got too many things to say
I rock mom jeans, cat earrings
Extrapolate my feelings
My family is dysfunctional
But we have a good time killing each other

They tell us from the time we're young
To hide the things that we don't like about ourselves
Inside ourselves
I know I'm not the only one who spent so long attempting to be someone else
Well I'm over it

I don't care if the world knows what my secrets are (secrets are)
I don't care if the world knows what my secrets are (secrets are)
So-o-o-o-o what
So-o-o-o-o what
So-o-o-o-o what
So-o-o-o-o what

I can't think straight, I'm so gay
Sometimes I cry a whole day
I care a lot, use an analog clock
And never know when to stop
And I'm passive, aggressive
I'm scared of the dark and the dentist
I love my butt and won't shut up
And I never really grew up

They tell us from the time we're young
To hide the things that we don't like about ourselves
Inside ourselves
I know I'm not the only one who spent so long attempting to be someone else
Well I'm over it

I don't care if the world knows what my secrets are (secrets are)
I don't care if the world knows what my secrets are (secrets are)
So-o-o-o-o what
So-o-o-o-o what
So-o-o-o-o what
So-o-o-o-o what

I don't care if the world knows what my secrets are (secrets are)
I don't care if the world knows what my secrets are (secrets are)
So-o-o-o-o what
So-o-o-o-o what
So-o-o-o-o what
So-o-o-o-o what
So-o-o-o-o what

(I don't care if the world knows what my secrets are)
So-o-o-o-o what
So-o-o-o-o what
So-o-o-o-o what
So-o-o-o-o what

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Scottish Metal-Detector Enthusiast Discovers 1,000-Year-Old Viking Hoard of Gold and Silver Jewelry

A metal-detector enthusiast in southwest Scotland has discovered a hoard of gold and silver Viking artifacts dating back 1,000 years.


Among the 100 items unearthed in a Dumfriesshire field by 47-year-old retired businessman Derek McLennan are a solid silver medieval cross, a mysterious silver alloy vessel and a delicate gold bird pin that alone could be worth more than $100,000.


The find, which dates back to the 9th or 10th century AD, is being hailed as one of the largest and most spectacular Viking treasure hoards ever seen.


Other precious items found by McLennan include silver ingots, armbands, brooches and rings. The mysterious sealed silver alloy vessel, which seems to be wrapped in a cloth sack, is expected to contain yet more treasures. The vessel will be X-rayed by archaeologists before the lid is removed.


"It's clear that these artifacts are of great value in themselves,” Fiona Hyslop, Scotland's Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, told International Business Times, “but their greatest value will be in what they can contribute to our understanding of life in early medieval Scotland, and what they tell us about the interaction between the different peoples in these islands at that time.”

The Vikings, who were of Scandinavian origin, made frequent raids on Britain from the 8th to the 11th centuries. Their spoils were commonly buried for safekeeping.

The Treasure Trove Unit, a Scottish government agency that ensures that significant objects from Scotland's past are preserved in museums for the public’s benefit, praised McLennan for his “responsible actions” in disclosing the discovery. Scottish law provide for rewards equal to the market value of the antiquities discovered. In this case, both McLennan and the local parish will benefit financially, although the actual numbers have not been released.


McLennan told BBC News that, at first, he didn’t think much of his initial find. “I thought it was a silver spoon,” he said. “Then I turned it over and wiped my thumb across it and I saw the Saltire-type of design. I knew instantly it was Viking.”

McLennan could hardly contain his excitement: "Then my senses exploded,” he said. “I went into shock, endorphins flooded my system, and away I went stumbling towards my colleagues waving it in the air."

The Viking hoard is hardly McLennan’s first newsworthy discovery. In 2013, he unearthed nearly 300 medieval coins in an area not very far from the Viking find.

Photos: Treasure Trove Unit, Facebook/TreasureTroveScotland

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Demi Lovato Accepts Marriage Proposal During Concert; Sorry, Wilmer Valderrama, This Guy's Got You Beat

Pop star Demi Lovato stunned her fans — and longtime beau Wilmer Valderrama, no doubt — when she accepted an on-stage marriage proposal Saturday night from a handsome young suitor named Grant Feikert.


Women in the audience swooned as Feikert went down on one knee and offered his proposal with just a bit of prompting: "Demi, will you marry me?"

Then he slipped an impressive green/yellow ring on her finger and Lovato exclaimed, “I will.”

Oh, did we mention, Mr. Feikert is just five years old and the betrothal jewelry was a Ring Pop (watermelon flavor, we’re guessing).


In what may be the cutest marriage proposal you’ll ever see, Lovato calls the sweet-faced cutie pie on stage after the 22-year-old singer got word that there was a young man in the audience holding a familiar poster that read, “Demi, I have a ring for you.” Young Grant had been to three previous concerts, and his sign has been seen in a number of Lovato concert clips circulating the Internet.


Once on stage, the precious little boy, wearing bright red pants and a denim jacket, tells Lovato that his name is Grant and that he’s four years old. But, then he quickly corrects himself. “I’m five,” he says.

“Oh you’re 45,” jokes Lovato. “You’re of age.”

She tells the beaming child that he’s the cutest little boy ever and then asks him about the ring mentioned on his poster. Little Grant had forgotten to bring the ring onstage, but a member of the Lovato’s video crew was able to retrieve the ring from Grant’s mom, who was in the audience.

Lovato sweetly shows him on the proper technique of going down on one knee to propose and then he slips the ring on her finger.


With the proposal accepted, Lovato asks Grant if she could have a kiss. The little boy pecks her on the cheek and the crowd joins in a single heartfelt, “Awwwww.”

"I love you so much and you are so sweet,” Lovato says. “I can't wait to see you at the wedding."


With Grant back in his seat, Lovato takes a moment to review the monumental event.

"Well, guys, we have big news tonight,” she says. “I'm engaged... to a five year old. It's OK, my heart is melting."


Then she sits at her piano and takes a good look at her new bling. “People [will say], ‘Oh, my God, let me see it.’ And I’ll be like, ‘It’s green.’”

“Then they’ll be like, ‘Oh, my God. How did he do it?’”

“[And I’ll say,] ‘On stage, at my concert… He even got down on one knee.’”

Continuing to admire the ring, she says, “I might wear this for the rest of the show.”


On Sunday, Lovato posted the proposal picture to her Instagram account with the following caption: "Oh and by the way guys...... I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Grant ... #CUTESTEVER #demiworldtour"

"It was so amazing to see him on stage with her," Grant’s mom Kelly Feikert told E! News. “I have been singing one of her songs to Grant as a lullaby since he was born! He loves Demi and has seen her four times in concert! So, it was surreal and amazing seeing him up there with someone we admire so much! We are such fans of her, even more so now!"

Check out the YouTube video of little Grant’s proposal. Lovato's starts to give the backstory at the 45-second mark.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Creators of NBC's Brand New Series 'Marry Me' Assist Couple With Epic Lip-Dub Marriage Proposal

When BuzzFeed tells its readers that your lip-dub marriage proposal video is the best thing they will see on the Internet today you know you hit it out of the park.


That's exactly what happened on Saturday as the masterfully choreographed six-minute video of Bret Piere's proposal to Jovan Gonzalez started to go viral on YouTube. Posted on Friday, the video already has been viewed more than 1.3 million times.


We love epic lip-dub marriage proposals and this one ranks right at the top. Of course, Piere couldn't have done it alone. He received a giant assist from the makers of NBC's brand new series, Marry Me, who created a Hollywood-quality production number that included a huge cast of characters, including 40 dancers, family members and close friends lip-syncing to "Geronimo" by the Aussie group Sheppard.


To help promote the premiere of Marry Me, which airs tonight (Tuesday) at 9/8c, NBC's digital team thought it would be a great idea to assist a young couple with an epic and heartwarming marriage proposal. The new sitcom deals with the trials and tribulations connected to the pending engagement of actors Ken Marino and Casey Wilson.


The viral video starts off with Gonzalez sitting down for lunch with a friend at an outdoor café in Los Angeles. Then the music starts and the shocked young woman is taken on a wild ride — both literally and figuratively — that includes surprise appearances by her best friend, mother, stepfather, siblings, nieces, nephews and more.

These cameos were really special because Gonzalez had moved to L.A. from Chicago months earlier and had not seen any of her loved ones since she left. Piere had specially arranged for them to fly to the West Coast to be part of the proposal.

Gonzalez is carried on a bench and then escorted through the blocked-off streets that look like a Hollywood movie set. At every turn she's introduced to a new group of characters, from ballerinas to football players.


Finally, her prince charming makes his appearance dressed up in a flight suit reminiscent of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Piere joins the dancers and shows some slick moves of his own before disappearing from the scene. When he returns a few seconds later, he's wearing a formal tuxedo and carrying a diamond ring.


The music stops and Piere goes down on one knee to deliver his touching proposal: "Every bone in my body, every breath in my lungs wants to spend the rest of my life with you. It would be my honor if you'd marry me. Will you marry me, Jovan?”

Amidst the cheers from her family and friends, she says, "Yes.”

The video presentation utilizes a clever picture-in-a-picture technique that allows the viewer to see what Gonzalez is viewing, as well as her reactions.

The couple was extremely appreciative of the assistance offered by NBC's team. "I just really want to thank NBC's Marry Me for making this happen," said Piere. "I wanted her to remember this for the rest of her life and now [that] we had that chance and opportunity, and I'm so grateful."


"Amazing," said Gonzalez. "Thank you so much!"

Follow the couple at their Facebook page, Bret & Jovan – a Couple's Journey from NBC's Marry Me Flash Mob Proposal. And view the viral video below.

Images: YouTube, Facebook

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Kings’ Bling: Showy Shield-Shaped 2014 Stanley Cup Rings Sparkle With 136 Diamonds

Marking their second Stanley Cup title in three years, the Los Angeles Kings clearly took their championship rings to the next level with a larger-than-life design featuring 136 round diamonds, 32 more than in 2012. Pavé-set black spinel replaces black enamel in the representation of the Kings' shield logo.


The shield-shaped 2014 Stanley Cup rings are larger and much flashier than the 2012 version, measuring a gaudy 32mm wide. The shield is broader than a single finger and actually overlaps the middle finger and pinky.


Whereas the 2012 design featured a diamond-outlined Stanley Cup and small Kings’ logo in the middle set against a ground of black enamel, the 2014 rings feature a much larger, more dazzling diamond-encrusted LA Kings’ logo against a ground of pavé-set black spinel. The shield-shaped logo is rimmed with two rows of accent diamonds and one row of black spinel.


The new bling was presented to the team and its management during a private dinner ceremony in Los Angeles last week.

Before the team had officially revealed the number of diamonds in the new design, a writer for Yahoo Sports joked, “No word on how many diamonds this second L.A. Kings championship ring has, although initial estimates are somewhere around ‘all of them.’”


The 2014 ring also features new imagery of the Stanley Cup being hoisted overhead and decorative filigree artwork.


The face of the ring is shaped like the L.A. Kings' shield. On the bezels above and below the shield in black enamel is the phrase, “STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS."

On the left shank of the ring is the player’s last name, LA KINGS, jersey number and the beaming lights of the Staple Center, where the team plays its home games.

The opposite shank shows the year 2014, a rendering of the Stanley Cup and the team’s 16-10 record in the playoffs.

The inside of the ring is engraved with a list of the series records for the Kings’ memorable run to the Stanley Cup, including 4-3 wins over San Jose, Anaheim, Chicago and a 3-1 series win over New York in the finals.

Players also got their choice of a custom inscription on the thin part of the band that's closest to the palm and normally out of view. Some players had their Facebook hashtags immortalized on the rings.


The team got to raise their 2013-2014 championship banner to the rafters of the Staples Center during an emotional presentation before their home opener last week.

Both the 2012 and 2014 Stanley Cup rings were designed and created by Tiffany & Co. The retailer offers a sterling silver commemorative version to the public.

Photos: LA Kings, NBCSN (screen capture), Twitter.